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Facts about teenagers and motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s no secret that motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death and serious injuries for Texas teenagers. While there are many factors that contribute to these accidents, there are some that stand out.


Teens are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents because they lack the experience of older drivers. They may misjudge traffic conditions or take risks that other drivers wouldn’t. For instance, teens are more likely to speed or drive recklessly.


Teens are also more likely to experience manual, visual, and cognitive distractions than older drivers. Manual distractions include things like fiddling with the radio or taking their hands off the wheel to text. Visual distractions include anything that takes their eyes off the road, such as looking at a passenger or something outside the car. Cognitive distractions are things that take their mind off of driving, such as talking on the phone or daydreaming.

Drug or alcohol use

Teenagers are some of the largest users of drugs and alcohol, and they tend to take risks when under the influence. For instance, they may drive after drinking or take drugs that impair their ability to drive. Notably, many types of accidents, such as those involving motorcyclists, are more likely to involve drugs or alcohol.


Teens are also more likely to drive while tired often from staying up late studying and then having to get up early for school or work. It can also be a result of not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Drowsy driving can lead to accidents just like drunk driving.

The good news is that there are steps that parents and guardians can take to help reduce the risks for their teenage drivers. For instance, they can make sure their teens get plenty of practice behind the wheel before they get their licenses. They can also talk to their teens about the dangers of distracted driving and make sure they understand the risks of drug and alcohol use. Finally, they can set a good example by being safe drivers themselves.