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Truck accident matters

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Trucking Accidents

Drivers involved in an accident with a truck may discover that they suffer more than physical injuries. Accident victims in Texas might also deal with financial harm because of various losses related to the accident. Taking appropriate steps after the crash may help the victims receive compensation.

Truck accident evidence

Advance planning may help, such as installing a dashcam and recording travel footage. Accidents and other problems could happen on the road, and recording a live video may substantiate the truth about what happened. Whether or not someone installed a dashcam, taking post-accident videos and photographs might provide additional evidence to support claims. Documented visual evidence may suggest the truck was speeding or committed a moving violation. Eyewitness testimony could further support negligence claims, so procuring contact information from anyone who saw the crash seems helpful.

When the police arrive at an accident scene, they will take a police report. The report could include details that point to one or multiple parties’ faults. If the police discover a driver was under the influence, a blood test may follow. Positive results from the test could further establish wanton negligence.

Legal action after truck collisions

Persons injured in motor vehicle accidents may file a lawsuit to recover their losses. Such collisions might involve multiple vehicles and catastrophic injuries, resulting in complex investigations and extensive evidence gathering. Still, those with enough evidence to prove fault could have a strong case against a negligent driver.

Commercial truck drivers could be independent operators or work for an employer. Civil claims might extend to the company if the driver’s employer committed negligence, such as not maintaining the fleet. Third parties could also face claims.