Frequently Asked Questions



Will my criminal charge affect my immigration status?

You should speak to an attorney immediately. Depending on the charge and various other factors, there is a possibility your charge could result in a change in your immigration status.




I received a deportation order. Can you do anything to stop it?

If you have received an deportation order, it would be in your interest to contact our offices immediately. While there are no guarantees in the outcome, as every case is different, we will work with you and for you to provide a strong defense; our lawyers will fight passionately for you and your family.




I am a US citizen, I want to bring my family member from another country to live with me in the US. Can this be done?
There are several options depending on many factors. You would need to speak with an attorney to help determine if you are eligible to file on your relative’s behalf and also if they are eligible to reside in the US. Please contact our offices so that we may assist you in getting this process started.




My greencard or visa has expired. Can you help me?
Yes. You will need to speak with an attorney immediately. Please give our offices a call. We will work with you to understand your unique situation and proceed accordingly. Our priority would be identifying your current immigration status and presenting all available options to you.




I have a criminal case pending. Can I still file for a greencard or citizenship?

Yes, but you may be required to disclose certain information. Please contact our offices so that we may assist you in the process of understanding how your pending charges may affect your application and the best course of action.




I currently reside in the US but have no documentation. Could you assist me in being able to continue to stay in the US?

While we cannot make any guarantees, there are options. Please contact our offices so that we may discuss.




What is asylum?
Asylum is the granting of immigration benefits due to persecution in one’s own country of origin.




Can you help me get asylum? Under what circumstances?

While it is largely fact based, and each situation is different, one primary requirement would be the showing of possible persecution if one returned to their home country. You would need to speak with an attorney about these specific requirements, evidence, as well as your background. Take the first step and please contact our offices for a consultation.