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Steps to take after a car accident

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, many Texas residents may end up in car accidents. It’s important to know what steps to take if this happens to you.

Call 911

Immediately after you’ve gone to a safe spot following a car accident, you must call 911. The police are required to come to the scene to make an accident report if anyone has suffered injuries or there’s significant property damage. An ambulance should arrive as well to administer medical attention to the parties who need it.

Exchange information

Exchange names, contact information and vehicle and driver’s license information with the other driver. However, don’t make conversation. Stick to the important matter of getting all of this information, which you will need if you plan on filing a personal injury claim.

Get witness information

You should also talk to witnesses and get their information. In addition to their names and contact information, try to get their statements from witnessing the car accident. It’s also smart to have all witnesses write down what they saw or speak about it while you record them. Your smartphone works well for that.

Take pictures

Photos of the scene of the accident can strengthen your claim. Get as many as possible and snap a few of your vehicle, the other vehicle, the road, weather conditions and traffic signs and signals. Accident scene pictures are strong pieces of evidence after a car accident.

Seek medical attention

In addition to getting prompt medical attention at the scene from the EMTs who arrive, you should also go to the hospital and get further evaluated. You might have internal injuries that could become serious if not immediately treated. Don’t shrug off getting a medical exam even if you believe you’re fine. Your health should be first no matter what.

Notify your insurance company

You may want to notify your insurance company of the car accident. Don’t give out details or claim to be at fault. If the insurance representative asks you questions, tell them that an attorney will later answer them for you.