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4 tips for driving around an aggressive driver

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While you may always be doing your best to keep other road users safe, another driver may fail to do this for you. People who engage in aggressive driving actions can be dangerous. Sharing the road with them can be stressful. However, you should stay calm and take appropriate steps to protect yourself. 

Here is what you can do:

Don’t engage

While you may be tempted to honk, slam on the brakes or start a conversation when a driver around you speeds, tailgates, changes lanes unsafely, or swerves, among other behaviors that can be considered aggressive, do not engage. Additionally, when they overtake you, do not make eye contact or initiate a conversation.

When you engage, their behavior may worsen. Further, doing this takes your attention from driving, which is dangerous.

Do not feel pressured to act as they want

An aggressive driver should not make you engage in unsafe behaviors. For example, if they tailgate you, do not increase your speed. Maintain your speed while you figure out your next steps.

Let them pass 

If an aggressive driver is following you,  let them pass. If there is no space, find a safe space to stop to give them way. 

Note that some people are not intentionally aggressive drivers; one may be rushing due to a medical or family emergency. Thus, always consider giving way to someone who tailgates you or keeps swerving between lanes.

Call the authorities

If the driver refuses to pass or their aggressive behavior worsens after giving them way, you need to contact the authorities. Provide the police with the vehicle’s description, its license plate number, your location and the direction of your travel.

If an aggressive driver injures you, get more information about the case to be rightfully compensated.