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EVs in Texas pose extra dangers

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When electric vehicles were first introduced into the automotive market, major safety concerns arose surrounding the batteries. Since batteries are highly combustible, in the event of an accident that causes a fire, the fire is even more difficult to put out. While many of those fears have been allayed over the intervening years since the first all-electric vehicles were introduced and the present time, there’s a new concern. The weight of the batteries adds extra weight to the vehicle, which makes it more dangerous for other, lighter vehicles. Heavier vehicles push lighter vehicles, which puts more force on the occupants of the lighter vehicles. There are several ways that this risk can be mitigated in the future.

How EVs can be safer in the future

Motor vehicle accidents can be extra dangerous when there’s a large difference in weight between the two vehicles. One of the dangers is the speed with which some vehicles can accelerate, making any potential crash even more dangerous. Many vehicles don’t need the extra horsepower so that they can accelerate so quickly. Additionally, one of the reasons that the batteries are so heavy is that they’re often made for long ranges. But batteries with less range are lighter. As more EV stations are built throughout the country, there will hopefully be less need for long-range batteries. Considering adding more crumple space in heavy, EV models will also protect the occupants of other vehicles.

Teenagers and EVs

As electric vehicles become more common, the danger posed when teenagers are driving increases even more. Teenagers tend to be inexperienced drivers, so they’re more likely to be in an accident. Factors like distraction, drug and alcohol use, and fatigue further increase the likelihood that they’ll be in an accident. This means that when they’re behind the wheel of an EV, they’re more likely to harm someone else to a greater degree. And if they’re behind the wheel of a regular vehicle and are in an accident with an EV, they’re more likely to be hurt. This is all the more reason for teenagers to understand the potential dangers of driving in risky ways.

Electric vehicles have many benefits, but they need continued refinement to make them safer for everyone on the road.